You are awesome!


You can now thank a teacher, colleague, staff member, team or school across our IFtL Family of schools!

?Have you been inspired?

?Are you thankful for their help or support?

?Do you want them to know how much you value them?

?Do they need to be recognised?

?Will getting your message brighten their day?

At Inspiring Futures through Learning (IFtL) and our Teaching School, TMA ITT, we want to recognise and celebrate when someone has been awesome!

You can send a message of thanks, praise for something special they did or if you would like them to know you appreciated or recognised something they have done or have they followed our values?

Fun, Unique, Together, Unafraid, Responsible, Energetic and Strong.

You can even send a thank you to your whole school, year group or team!

You could be a parent/carer at one of our schools, a colleague or even a pupil.

If you would like to send a 'YOU ARE AWESOME' message, please complete the form below.

You are welcome to send anonymously too.

You are Awesome!

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