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Why Join Us?

What if you could develop world class leaders, outstanding staff and confident, committed governors underpinned by the pillars of strong leadership skills, high levels of well-being and resilience and capacity to improve?

We are committed to developing a family of schools whose purpose is to inspire the futures of children through learning. Schools within our trust, share the same values and ethos; where independent, articulate thinkers and learners have the confidence to achieve their ambitions. Where the team is constantly in the pursuit of development, and excellence every day. Where teachers of the future come to learn and develop their careers.

We are creating schools where children, staff and the wider community thrive in an atmosphere of opportunity and challenge, where they learn with and from each other, and where their ideas are valued and respected so that they develop.

We are inspired to achieve excellence in all we do. We are committed to working with schools who share the same values and ethos.

It’s simple really, if you share our values and commitment to providing a world class education, the benefits of joining our family of schools are endless.

Why Join Us

Becoming part of the IFtL family means that you and your staff will have access to a wide range of training, services and development opportunities for all stakeholders.

  • Outstanding CPD
  • School-to-school Support
  • School Improvement Services
  • Priority access to new recruits through our outstanding and highly regarded programme of Initial Teacher Training
  • Sponsorship status, supporting the Regional Commissioner with the national strategy for school improvement
  • DfE approval to support underperforming academies/groups of academies and to open brand new academies
  • Governance
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Teaching staff
  • Support staff
  • Recruitment
  • Asset Management
  • Insurance
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Strategic Partnerships

What IF….you could develop world class leaders, outstanding staff and confident, committed governors underpinned by the pillars of strong leadership skills, high levels of well-being and resilience and capacity to improve?

At IFtL we have high expectations for professionalism and respect for every member of our community, which underpin everything we do. Modest reflection is at the heart of ensuring our practice provides the very best learning experiences for our children. Members of the IFtL community strive to be creative, articulate thinkers and

learners who have the confidence to achieve our aspirations as a trust.

We aim to provide opportunities that will enable our members to become:

World Class Leaders: As our trust grows, it becomes more important than ever to nurture the innate leadership qualities in every member of our community.  Through targeted training, coaching and mentoring and development opportunities, we expect that every area of the trust will develop and improve its provision at the same rapid rate; working towards a world class education for our children.

Confident, contented Individuals: When we are committed to operating at the peak of our performance in our professional lives, it can sometimes be easy to overlook the most important things in our wider lives.  At IFtL, we believe that we can only be at our best professionally if we have the opportunity to achieve our personal ambitions too.  As a member of the IFtL community, we will encourage and support you to find fulfilment in: physical and mental health, social interactivity, relationships with family, hobbies and pastimes, life goals, faith and spirituality and economic wellbeing.  We ensure that we signpost to the most appropriate support systems through our links to a wide variety of facilities and services.

Outstanding staff: With the capacity to continue to develop and improve.  Performance management is integral to the effective operation of our trust. It provides clarity to individuals on IFtL goals and in turn what is expected of them. It provides a way to measure and assess performance in line with the requirements of the role. It provides an opportunity to motivate and develop individuals, which in turn supports the development of the trust as a whole.



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