Inspiring Futures

To inspire the futures of us all through learning together

At IFtL, we are committed to developing a family of schools who inspire all of our futures through learning.

Schools within our Trust share the same values and ethos; our teams are constantly in the pursuit of development and excellence everyday. We open doors to opportunity and unlock the potential of both our children and our adults so that we all develop the confidence to achieve both our independent and collective ambitions. At IFtL, we are never alone. We know we are stronger together – one united family striving for excellence for all, in everything we do.

Careers at IFTL

Do you want to be part of the Inspiring Futures Through Learning family? Our schools achieve great things - because we have the best staff.

2 days ago

Open to pupils, parents/carers and staff at Two Mile Ash, Ashbrook and Holmwood Schools. Name the new partnership! 💚

2 days ago

A super fun lesson from Year 1 at Chestnuts!

This half term year 1 have been learning about The Great Fire of London. In science lessons they’ve been researching materials. They’ve created their own houses and today, they experienced ... See more

2 days ago
Two Mile Ash School

A Great Science lesson with year 6 at Two Mile Ash!

This week during science, Year 6 have been learning about light refraction. This is the phenomenon where light appears to “bend” when it changes the material it is travelling through. Year 6 ... See more

3 days ago

Half term Crafts from Milton Keynes Council. See Poster for details.

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