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IFtL colleagues recognised for 25 years’ service to schools

Twenty-three Inspiring Futures through Learning (IFtL) colleagues have been recognised for “truly outstanding” service to their respective schools.

At a special event at The Dining Room in Northampton for those who have who have worked for IFtL schools for 25 years or more, a combination of teachers, support staff and professional services staff were treated to a luxury afternoon tea.

Those attending were presented with certificates from CEO Sarah Bennett and Chair of Trustees Marilyn Hubbard MBE, and gift vouchers will be given to all marking their contribution over a quarter of a century.

Colleagues from across Milton Keynes and Corby schools took the opportunity to share how long they had each been at their respective schools. For many, they had served in different roles, and for some in different schools over the years.

The full list of colleagues providing 25+ years’ service are:

  • Diane Harrison, Teaching Assistant, Ashbrook School
  • Mary Roberts, After School Club Manager, Ashbrook School
  • Becky Skillings, Headteacher, Chestnuts Primary School
  • Pauline Mallett, Communicator, Chestnuts Primary School
  • Gail Kemley, Cleaner, Exeter – A Learning Community
  • Helen Pearce, Teaching Assistant, Heronshaw School
  • Andrew McGinn, Caretaker, Olney Infant Academy
  • Jean Keating, Mid-Day/Breakfast Club Supervisor, Olney Infant Academy
  • Lesley Robinson, Bursar, Olney Infant Academy
  • Catherine Hoskin, Deputy Headteacher, St Mary & St Giles Church of England School
  • Emma Bell, Teacher, St Mary & St Giles Church of England School
  • Sandra Bayley, Cleaner, St Mary & St Giles Church of England School
  • Amanda Beale, Teacher, Woodnewton – A Learning Community
  • Michelle Howes, Teacher, Woodnewton – A Learning Community
  • Tracy Begley, Lunchtime Supervisor, Woodnewton – A Learning Community
  • Christina Buja, Teacher, Woodnewton – A Learning Community
  • Deborah Pettigrew, Admin Assistant, Woodnewton – A Learning Community
  • Esther Gray, Teacher, Woodnewton – A Learning Community
  • Julie O’Connor, Senior Lunchtime Supervisor, Woodnewton – A Learning Community
  • Aaron Wheeler, ICT Manager, Corby schools
  • Elaine Brogan, Teacher, Olney Middle School
  • Angela Chilton, Assistant Headteacher, Rickley Park School
  • Sarah Hand, Head of System Leadership, IFtL

“It was an absolutely wonderful afternoon where we took the opportunity to recognise and reward colleagues who have given truly outstanding service, over a remarkable period of time, to our schools,” Sarah said. “We thoroughly enjoyed listening to each other’s stories, and memories of their schools, over an intimate afternoon tea and I would like to thank them all for everything they have done for our children. Our aim at IFtL is to attract, retain and develop the best leaders, teachers and professional services staff – and a time when there is so much national attention on retention issues within the sector, it is fantastic to be able to celebrate those who have devoted their careers to our schools.”

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