Governance in IFtL

Inspiring Futures through Learning recognises that the quality and effectiveness of our governance is pivotal in ensuring that we are successful in delivering our Vision and Strategic Priorities.

Effective governance of our Multi Academy Trust relies on the input of a considerable number of non-executive volunteers, working in their strategic leadership roles alongside executive teams and continuously driving to ensure the best for our children, staff and communities.

Governance is supported in IFtL by the following:



Our Members are our custodians whose role is to ensure that the Trust is acting in the best interests of the children and young people at all times and achieving the Charitable Objective(s) as set out in our Articles of Association.


Board of Trustees

Our Trustees are bound by charity and company law which is why they are sometimes also referred to as directors (we refer to them as Trustees).  As the Board of Trustees, they manage the business of the Trust and are legally responsible for the Trust’s statutory functions as well as the performance of all our academies.


Local Governing Bodies

To support the firm foundations of strong Governance, it is intended that each school has a Local Governing Body (LGB) that understands the school’s needs and its community (an LGB may be responsible for more than one school within the Trust).  The LGB performs an essential role in providing focused governance at a local level.  In order for each school to have autonomy to enable them to drive key areas specific to each school’s needs, certain powers and duties have been delegated to the LGB’s.


Executive Team

Led by the CEO, the Executive Team have delegated responsibilities for the operation of the Trust on a day to day basis.


Accountability and responsibility

The IFtL Scheme of Delegation reflects the accountability of the Board of Trustees and outlines the powers delegated by them through the wider governance structure, providing clarity as to who the decision makers are for different levels of decisions.


Governance documents to view

Articles of Association:   [add link]

Master Funding Agreement:       [add link]

Board of Trustees Membership and attendance to 31 August 2019:     [need new doc]

Governance Statement as at 31 August 2019:                                              [need new doc]


Support and further information

IFtL’s Head of Professional and Governance Services, Stephanie Boak, supports the Board of Trustees and Local Governing Bodies across IFtL in their strategic work.  For further information, please contact Stephanie on


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