Heronshaw School

Heronshaw is a co-educational community Infants School for pupils aged from 4+ to 7, (Foundation to Year 2), after which, children have the opportunity to apply to transfer to Heronsgate School, which is right next door and with whom we have very close ties.

Heronshaw is an attractive, open plan design on a small site. There are 9 home bases all equipped with interactive whiteboards and all with shared areas for art and craft activities; in addition, we have a superbly equipped mobile ICT suite, that children have access to alongside freestanding computers in the shared areas; a small library; a kitchen; and a large multi purpose hall, as well as outside classrooms. We are very well resourced and believe in providing the best quality equipment and materials for children and staff to work with.

The school provides for the area of Walnut Tree south of Walton Road, Hindhead Knoll, Fyfield Barrow, Walton Park, Caldecotte and Browns Wood. Children are admitted to the school in accordance with Milton Keynes LA procedures, see admissions criteria.

The children are taught in year groups in nine mixed ability classes with a crosscurricular approach to delivering the National Curriculum and a commitment to high standards. There are 8 full-time teachers, 4 part time teachers and 11 teaching assistants a learning mentor, parent school liaison coordinator alongside a Deputy and Head.

Aims of the School


• To be caring, thoughtful and considerate
• To acquire a wide range of skills that will enable them to develop as individuals
• To foster a joy for learning
• To be responsible and caring members of our multi cultural society
• To have the confidence to make informed choices and be independent learners
• To rise to the challenge of individual goals and to fulfil their potential
• To encourage and celebrate achievement in themselves and others

• A caring and co-operative environment enabling children to feel happy, safe and secure
• A broad and challenging curriculum for all children
• A stimulating learning environment
• Varied, high quality and up-to-date learning resources
• Innovative teaching and an investigative approach to learning
• An ethos of support, challenge and encouragement to succeed
• A programme of extra-curricular activities and visits that enrich learning
• A learning partnership between school, home and the community