Fairfields Primary School

fairfieldsOur vision is to create a school that strives for outstanding and provides a world class education provision.

Our school is an integral part of the Fairfields community where children are introduced to a wide range of activities and opportunities for all.

Our children are proud of their achievements and develop a love of learning, in a safe, nurturing environment, giving them the confidence to make a positive contribution as they progress through life.

Fairfields Primary School is an inspirational community of learning, unpinned by a culture of British values. We seek to bring out the best in everyone, through providing outstanding educational opportunities and experiences for all children regardless of age, ethnicity, ability and background.

At Fairfields Primary School:

  • Achievements are celebrated
  • Creative minds are inspired
  • Emphasis is put on supporting personal growth as individuals and active learners
  • Children flourish in a safe and supportive environment
  • Our children are polite, well-mannered and considerate of those around them and the wider environment

Head Teacher – Matthew Shotton