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Congratulations, Emma!

IFtL are delighted to announce that Emma Hollis, our Head of Teaching School and Staff Development, has been appointed as the Executive Director of NASBTT (The National Association of School Based Teacher Trainers). This is a prominent, national role in which Emma will work closely with policy makers in government to help shape the future of school-based training provision.

The National Association of School-Based Teacher Trainers, NASBTT, is a membership organisation which contributes to the raising of standards and the development of high quality learning and teaching for pupils/children in schools by promoting high quality in programmes of initial training, education and the professional development of teachers, which are devised, delivered, managed and assessed by a school or partnership of schools. NASBTT currently has 164 members, representing some 86% of the schools-led institutions undertaking postgraduate school-led Initial Teacher Training.

NASBTT sees an exciting role for schools-based ITT in the future, with MATs and other school partnerships increasingly playing a lead role in the development of ITT provision.

This is a part-time seconded appointment starting on the 1st April and Emma will continue to work for IFtL for two and a half days a week. This joint role will ensure that our Trust is kept at the forefront of educational developments at policy level and we are delighted to support Emma in this exciting new position. Congratulations, Emma!