PE Video Library

Welcome to the video recordings page. Here you will find the Zoom recordings from our PE conference held on 25th February 2021.


To access the recordings, please use the password given in your email. The password has only been shared with those who registered for the conference. 


If you have any issues accessing the recording please email Anu at


Click here for recording one

Glenn Young (Head Teacher, Olney Middle School) - Welcome, expectations and introduction followed by Stacey Mullock (FA National Tournament Legacy Manager)

Workshop 1 – Deep Dives in PE by Gill Morrow ( PE, School Sports & Games Manager for Team Beds & Luton).


Click here for recording two

Workshop 2 - PE in a COVID World by Phillipa Murrell (MK School Sports Partnership Development Manager & PE Advisor). Please note there are 5 minutes of breakout rooms in this recording at 32 minutes.


Click here for recording three

Workshop 3 - Physical Daily Activity by Amber Ollier ( MK School Sports Partnership Development Manager)

Workshop 4 - Engaging Girls in Football by Amanda Greenslade (Regional PE Officer for FA)

Close by Glenn Young